10am   Introductions

10:30   Show & Tell. Quick campaign updates from RaBIT, 
            Ottawa123, 123 Whitby, Ranked Ballots Windsor,
            123Hamilton, Kingston123 + more!

11:30   Bill 181, The Municipal Elections Modernization Act 
            What it means for cities + how all this unfolds in 

Noon   'Nine Lies'. How our opponents will try to stop us, 
            and how we can declaw their tactics.

12:30   Lunch (free + served on premise)

1:00    Citizens Reference Panels, with Peter MacLeod 
           from MASS LBP.

1:30   'South of the Border'. An update from FairVote 
          USA's Ethan Fitzgerald.

2pm   'The Federal Scene'. A discussion about Trudea's 
          federal process, including a presentation from 
          Leadnow's Katelynn Northam + Morgan Baskin!

3pm   Campaigning + Messaging: Tips, tricks and

4pm   General discussion

4:30   123Ontario: Moving forward

Ranked Ballot Summit 2016

We are in the midst of historic democratic reform in Ontario. For the first time, cities are the now allowed to use ranked ballots for local elections. The implications are huge. 

The only question is: which cities will lead the way?

Volunteers across the province are organising local grassroots campaigns for fair and friendly elections.

On August 7th, they are coming together to learn, share, strategise and inspire. 


Located at Toronto City Hall Council Chambers