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Heterodox economic assessments of globalization generally centre on top down analysis but lack substantive discussion on bottom up decision making. This forum is intended to fill that gap. Specifically we intend to focus on the enhancement of municipal governance through the creation of new structural linkages. The theory which we will explore is whether policy agendas should be guided from the municipality upwards, as the foundation of sustainable community development. Thus we have to dissect the role grassroots democratic renewal holds for the reorientation of national-local state relations and the devolution of institutional power. In this way we may be forced to reconceptualize municipal governance, including those strategies we currently accept as best practice.

The forum has been structured to have panelists engage each other in discussion and will be guided based on questions from the audience. The event is intended to promote high level discussion among political scientists, economists, labour representatives, urban planners, and environmental policy experts. The intension of the event is to set the foundation for future policy discussions.Type your paragraph here.

This event highlights issues of power and policy making, bringing to the forefront the idea of democratic capacity and the building of strong, healthy systems of governance.  These prove fundamental to good community development and democratic legitimacy.